The World’s Biggest Casino Wins

1. Ashley Revell:
In April 2004, UK resident Ashely Revell captured the world’s attention when he sold all of his earthly possessions, including his clothes, getting a total amount of just over $135,000 and then gambling it all on a single spin in Roulette. Revell travelled to Las Vegas where he placed the entire amount on Red on a Roulette table in the Plaza Hotel & Casino. The ball landed on 7, Red and Revell doubled his money to over $270,000. He then left the hotel and went back to the UK without placing any other bets.

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2. Charlie Wells:
Charlie Wells is one of the oldest winners as he made headlines in 1892! Wells was a wealthy man and played Roulette often. One day he played the game for eleven hours straight. He had begun with $4,000 and by the time he had stopped, he had won over $1,000,000. In 1892, that amount being won was almost unheard of. Charlie Wells is commonly referred to as the man ‘who broke the bank at Monte Carlo’.

3. Elmer Sherwin:
The Megabucks Progressive Jackpot Slot is one of the highest paying slots in the world and the jackpot prize can reach up to 30 Million and up. 92 year old Elmer Sherwin has defied all odds by winning this amazing jackpot, not once, but twice! a feat that would possibly bankrupt a new casino like Sherwin first won it in 1989 at $5 Million and the lucky guy won it again in 2005 at a staggering $21 Million. It’s been calculated that winning this specific jackpot twice is one in two and a half quadrillion.Now that’s luck.

4. Mike Ashley:
Mike Ashley, the famous owner of the Newcastle United Football Club, joined the ranks of the world’s biggest winners in 2008. Ashley played 15 minutes of Roulette in The Fifty London Casino and after making a complete bet on the number 17, which meant he bet on the exact number, the exact colour, high or low and on odd or even. He won the bet and walked away with $1,6 Million. When he won, he simply tipped the dealer to say thank you and left the casino.

5. Peter from Norway:
A Norwegian online player, known only by his first name, Peter, is famous for unknowingly winning one of the biggest online payouts of all time. Peter was playing the online slot game Arabian Nights at Betsson Casino and had been winning consistently. When he had reached €1,7 Million, he decided to make a query with the casino support because he did not know how much he had won because the currency differed to his own. Only once he learnt that he had won over 38 Million in his local currency did he realise the massive amount of money he had won. His win is known as one of the biggest online casino payout ever.